Home Building FAQs

Q: I want to build a new custom home. What should I be considering, and where should I start?

A: Call us to schedule your FREE 1-hour new home consultation. We can help you understand the entire process, including location and site selection, design, your budget and financing, and a construction timeline. In our showroom we can show you many of the choices available to you when building.

Q: I'd like to work from a built shell only. Will you build just the shell for me?

A: Yes, we can take your new home as far as you tell us you want it, anywhere from foundation to finish!

Q: I don’t have a real set of blueprints, but I have what I think I'd like sort of sketched out. Can you help me if that's all I've got?

A: Yes, we can take your sketch and turn it into a full set of working plans!

Q: I've heard selecting a lot is important. Can you help me with that?

A: Not only can we help you with selecting the right lot for your home design, but we have many lots available that can be packaged with your new home!

Q: You advertise “No Money Down, New Construction”. This sounds too good to be true- is there a catch?

A: This is a government program through the USDA Rural Development. This program is for people building homes in rural areas. There are restrictions per county and also income restrictions.

Q: Are your prices competitive with a "stick builder"?

A: Not with a few of them. We know we aren't the cheapest home builder around town- that's because we don’t build cheap. If you want really want cheap, we can refer you!

Q: How can you manage to guarantee your price to me? Isn't that unusual in home building?

A: Well, yes it is, and you may have heard some stories. But our systems building approach lets us guarantee our price by selling you a custom whole house package that removes the guesswork. We limit the number of allowances we use, so your price is the most accurate it can be!