How to Choose a Home Builder

Choosing to build a new home for your family may be one of the biggest decisions and investments that you make in your entire life! Choosing who builds your new home for you may be the next biggest.

Here are few questions to ask to help you make a good decision in choosing who builds your family’s home. First off, don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify answers. After all, he should be looking out for your best interests.If you've got the right home builder, he'll be glad you asked.

New Home FAQs

Are you licensed & insured?

– Make sure the home builder you hire is licensed & fully insured. If your builder is not insured, you will be personally liable for any accident that may occur. If your builder is not licensed and you pull the permit you may be liable for any building code, material, and workmanship defects as well. Legitimate home builders will have a dwelling qualifier license in the state of Wisconsin.

How long have you been in business?

– Anyone who picks up a hammer can build something, but that doesn’t mean they should build your family’s home. Your home builder should have experience & a track record on his belt, not just a shiny new hammer.

How many homes have you built?

– You don’t want yours to be the first home a new builder builds, or to pay for his trial & error, learn as you go, training. A great custom-built home needs the skill and craftsmanship that come from decades of experience.

Do you have a full time staff?

– You're far better off with a home builder who can provide you with professional service. Does he have an office and full time staff or are you meeting at his dining room table?

Are you registered with the local Home Builders Association? (Locally, that's Golden Sands Home Builders Association.)

– Almost any business can join an association by paying dues, but the good ones stick around. They have a name for themselves in the community because of their long standing reputation & affiliation with associations.

How long have you been working with the same tradesmen?

– Most builders prefer to work with subcontractors they can trustand those long standing trade relationships help provide you with a quality built home for your family. A builder who shops for the lowest price subcontractors is looking at his bottom line, not the quality of your finished home.

Have you won any awards?

– Not everyone likes a show off, but it can be a gauge of a home builder’s reputation and attention to details. A good builder should be recognized for his accomplishments.

What kind of home warranty do you have after construction is completed?

– Warranty is key! You want a home builder who stands behind his work. When your family’s home is complete you want a builder you can count on, not one who never returns your calls.

Do you have references that I can contact?

– If a home builder can’t give you references, they either haven’t built anything before or it didn’t end on good terms with their customers. When contacting references, you should make sure to ask: Did the builder give a fixed and accurate quote? Was the builder helpful with materials, finishes, recommendations? Did the builder stay within his projected time line?